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Investors in Pupils

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We are very proud to announce that St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School has achieved the Investors in Pupils Award, April 2014.

The principle of this award is to empower our pupils which contributes towards raising overall standards and achievement.

As part of this award, pupils gain an insight into the organisation of our school, how the budget is spent and the roles and responsibilities of all who work here as well as how the governing body contribute to school improvement on a strategic level.

This initiative encourages our pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their continued development.  This is achieved through the following:

  1. Pupils formulating their own targets as well as class targets, in partnership with their teacher.  
  2. Electing and representing their peers on various committees throughout the school
  3. Organisation of St Augustine’s School Bank
  4. Understanding the importance of high attendance and recognising the rewards received

As you tour our school you will notice that Investors in Pupils is embedded throughout, including: mission statements on classroom doors, our staff art gallery, Golden Ticket displays, Star of the Week award, our School Bank in action, personalised targets and class induction booklets.

Throughout the duration of each academic year we continue to strive towards excellence and further develop this initiative, encouraging our pupils to become more responsible and independent in their learning.

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