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Here at St. Augustine’s school we provide our children with a Catholic education which recognises life as a faith journey. As an integral part of our Catholic ethos, all pupils are aware, throughout the school year, of the changes and celebrations relating to the Church's Liturgical Year. We are committed to the partnership of home, school and Parish.

Pastoral Letter from Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Today I would like to focus especially on the relationships we find in the community and companionship of the Church. The patterns and potential of parish life have been seriously and profoundly disrupted in the last eighteen months or so. So has life in our schools and in all other expressions of the life of the Church. But now that there is greater normality in daily life, we have a unique opportunity to refresh and maybe reshape these patterns of life in the Church.

Indeed, Pope Francis is asking us to do so. In starting what can be described as a ‘Church-wide listening process’ he is inviting us to listen again to each other, hearing experiences of faith with all its joys and disappointments, and to find new ways of strengthening each other.

Pope Francis envisages what is called a ‘Synodal process’. The language may sound a bit technical, but the word ‘synod’ means quite simply ‘journeying together’. The Holy Father is offering us the opportunity to participate in a time of listening and reflecting. He hopes this will help us to discern how God’s presence comes into our lives and what the Spirit of God is prompting us to do anew, so that we might be more alive and creative in our response to the call of Jesus, our Way, Truth and Life.

As in every diocese throughout the world, this ‘Synodal’ pathway will begin on the weekend of 16/17 October. Our immediate part in the process is short and concentrated: as a diocese we have to have our reflections brought together by February. So in the next few days and weeks there will be invitations issued for a variety of ways in which you could take part, in your parish, through the school. Joining in will focus not so much on discussing ideas but in sharing experience and, on that basis, trying to sense what needs to be done, all shaped by prayer and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This lovely initiative of Pope Francis is an opportunity for us to show our care for the family of the Church. It shines with the Holy Father’s character of openness, compassion, and eagerness for renewal. Please do take it up in whatever ways you can.

May God bless our efforts, open our hearts to one another and prompt us powerfully to know more clearly the way God has set out for us to be messengers of the joy and consolation which God alone can provide.

May God bless you all, Vincent Nichols.

Letter from The Cardinal

I know that our schools play an important part in raising awareness of the gift of God’s creation in the lives of children and young people. There are many projects organised by the pupils and students in which they act in practical ways and learn to better care for creation. Thank you for your leadership on these matters. Now we face the greater challenge of addressing energy creation and usage, as well as all the implications for our homes, schools, and buildings. As Pope Francis wrote in Laudato Si’230;  whilst we face the major challenges together, our personal pathway is also made up of many ‘simple daily gestures’ and the ‘little way of love’ which every staff member and student can live.

I assure you of my prayers during these important days.

With every good wish


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