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‘We come to school to live and learn happily together by loving ourselves and each other as Jesus teaches us’

Parent Forum

As part of our aim to ensure effective communication between home and school at St. Augustine’s we have set up a Parent Forum forum.

The aims of which are:

* To encourage parents to participate fully in the life and work of the school

* To ensure effective communication is maintained between all stakeholders

* To be a forum for parents to express the views of their class.

* To gain the support of parents and actively encourage them to participate in the process of school improvement as we share our vision for excellence.

Parent Forum IS Parent Forum IS NOT

A body of parents that represents ALL parents.

A group that collates ideas and suggestions for consideration by the Headteacher and the Governing body.

A way for parents to learn more about the school.

A real way for parents to contribute to the successful running of the school.

A way of tabling complaints about individuals.

A way of dealing with complaints from individual parents.

A decision making body – appropriate suggestions are presented to the Headteacher and Governors for consideration.

Parent Forum Representatives

Nursery - Ms Lammacraft                                                           Year 3 - Ms Lydon

Reception - Mrs Simmons                                                          Year 4 - Mrs Tackley

Year 1 - Mrs Smith                                                                      Year 5 - Mrs Harvey

Yea 2 - Mrs D Filocco                                                                 Year 6 - Mrs Pegram

Meeting dates

Friday 14th October @ 2:00pm                                                       Friday 26th May @ 2:00pm

Friday 16th December @ 2:00pm                                                   Friday 7th July @ 2:00pm

Friday 10th February @ 2:00pm

Friday 24th March @ 2:00pm

Please click below to view Parent Forum Meeting agendas.