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‘We come to school to live and learn happily together by loving ourselves and each other as Jesus teaches us’

List of Current Staff and Areas of Responsibility

Head Teacher  
Mrs G Napier Senior Leadership Team
  Designated Child Protection Officer
  Children in Public Care
  Teaching and Learning Committee
  Parent Forum Leader
Acting Deputy Head Teacher  
Miss E Kousoulou Senior Leadership Team
  Designated Child Protection Officer
  School Council 
  Religious Education Leader
  Maths Leader
  Assessment Leader
Inclusion Leader  
Mrs J Foster Inclusion Leader
  Senior Leadership Team


Nursery Teacher  
Mrs N Blackwell Herts Quality Standard Leader
  Early Years and Key Stage 1 Leader
  Senior Leadership Team
Reception Teacher  
Miss G Colhoun Humanities Leader
Class 1 Teacher  
Miss C Addy PSHCE Leader
Class 2 Teacher  
Miss C Kenny Computing Leader
Class 3 Teacher  
Miss C Perrett The Arts Leader
Class 4 Teacher  
Miss R Eldridge NQT
Class 5 Teacher  
Miss A Brown PE Leader
Acting Assistant Headteacher/Class 6 Teacher  
Miss J Vickery Key Stage 2 Leader
  Senior Leadership Team
  Trainee Teacher Mentor
  Literacy Leader
Higher Level Teaching Assistant  
Miss M Hookham  


Support Staff  
Mrs C Whyton Learning Assistant
Mrs N Tuzzeo Learning Assistant
Mrs D Wilde Learning Assistant
Mrs A Solazzo Learning Assistant
Mrs J Rudd Learning Assistant
Mrs M Gilbert Learning Assistant
Mrs M Amato Learning Assistant
Mrs  A Gulisano Learning Assistant
Mrs J Scarry Learning Assistant
Office Staff  
Mrs E Alio School Business Manager
Mrs E Aversano Finance Secretary (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Mrs C Branch Headteacher's Secretary
Mrs S Chiparo School Secretary
Miss B Maunders Junior Adminstator


Midday Supervisory  
Mrs M Amodeo Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs J Dela Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs A Gulisano Midday Supervisory Assistant
Ms V Loucas Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs J Scarry Midday Supervisory Assistant
Premises Staff  
Mr K O'Bryan Caretaker
The Office Cleaning Company Cleaning Contractors
Hertfordshire Catering Ltd School Kitchen Staff


Specialist Teachers  
Italian Teachers  
Signora R Faraci  
Signora M Triola  
Music Teachers  
Mr M Chivers Drums                         
Mrs K Laurens Piano
Mr D McDonnell Guitar
Mr M Peach Trumpet