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St. Augustine's School Council

We meet throughout the term to discuss any ideas we may have on how to make our school even better!

It is our duty to make sure all children are informed of any projects or school events that we may be leading and also to give everybody the opportunity to put their ideas forward.  All suggestions are gladly welcome.

If you see us in the playground please feel free to share your ideas with us.

The School Council for 2023-24 are:

Year 1: Raiya and Henry                                        Year 4: Amelia and Louis

Year 2: Christian and Juietta                                  Year 5: Oliver and Zaynab

Year 3: Nana and Bonnie                                       Year 6: Florence and Israel

St. Augustine's Eco Council

We will be looking at ways we can help to save our planet one step at a time.

We are pleased to announce our Eco Council for 2023-24

Year 1 – Evelina and Charlie                               Year 4 – Bella and Oliver

Year 2 – Luigi and Emay                                      Year 5 – Ronan and Ciara

Year 3 – Luca and Alessia                                   Year 6 – Carla and Carlo

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