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Religious Education Policy and Curriculum

Religious Education Directory (RED)

Catholic schools, with RE at their core, exist in order to "help parents, priests and teachers to enable a new generation of young people to understand the richness of the  Catholic faith, and thereby be drawn into a deeper communion with Christ in his Church." With this as our primary aim, we serve all our pupils within this context using the Religious Education Directory (RED) which makes the aims of the Religious Education Curriculum explicit:

  1. To present engagingly a comprehensive content which is the basis of knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith;
  2. To enable pupils continually to deepen their religious and theological understanding and be able to communicate this effectively;
  3. To present an authentic vision of the Church's moral and social teaching so that pupils can make a critique of the underlying trends in contemporary culture and society;
  4. To raise pupils' awareness of the faith and traditions of other religious communities in order to respect and understand them;
  5. To develop the critical faculties of pupils so that they can relate their Catholic faith to daily life;
  6. To stimulate pupils' imagination and provoke a desire for personal meaning as revealed in the truth of the Catholic faith;
  7. To enable pupils to relate the knowledge gained through Religious Education to their understanding of other subjects in the curriculum;
  8. To bring clarity to the relationship between faith and life, and between faith and culture.

The outcome of excellent Religious Education is religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – appropriate to their age and capacity – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life (Religious Education Curriculum Directory p6).

Learning in Action

We regularly have Catholic agencies and other wellbeing organisations come into our school to enhance our learning and bring our Catholic Life into action through assemblies and workshops, such as CAFOD, Caritas, the Catholic Children's Society and the NSPCC.

CAFOD water workshop


NSPCC Speak out, Stay Safe


CAFOD Catholic Social Teaching Workshops

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